The Adventures of Indiana Mel

Back before the Atocha, before the 1715 Fleet, before a move from California to Florida, there was just a family who enjoyed the adventure of exploration, not only of the underwater world but also in every aspect of their lives.  Led by Mel and Deo, the Fisher family panned for gold in mountain streams and trekked through Peru in quest of Emperor Atahualpa’s 800 ft. gold ransom chain. They traversed dense jungle paths to explore the dark cold water of long lost cenotes in search of ancient treasures.

Mel’s bravery and adventurous spirit matches that of a fictional character that many know as the heroic Indiana Jones!

“Trust me, Kid…X never, ever marks the spot”Indiana Jones
Join us on Saturday May 19th at the Casa Marina Beach as we seek “Fortune & Glory”.
A golden temple holds the secrets we search for, long for, must have.
‘You’re gonna get killed chasing your damn “fortune and glory”
“BUT NOT TODAY”  Indiana Jones

Join us in May 2018 for an action packed adventure full of mystery and intrigue as we search for the elusive gold that shines forever!

Introducing 2018 Division Week…

Please make note of the following important dates on your calendar:

 Division Appointments: Monday, May 14 – Friday, May 18

 Emerald City & Diving: Saturday, May 12 – Friday, May 18

Nightly Social Events: Tuesday, May 15 – Friday, May 18

Annual Costume Gala at the Casa Marina: Saturday, May 19


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