Introducing 2019 Division Week…

Mel Fisher’s Expeditions Presents…

Saturday Night GOLD Fever !

Listen to the ground
There is movement all around
There is something going down
And I can feel it

We know how to do it!

Put on your dancin’ shoes and boogie on down to Key West. We will be dreamin’ on, jive talkin’ and stayin’ alive in Studio 1622 this Division Week.

Join us Saturday, May 18th, 2019 on the Casa Marina Beach for a groovin’ disco costume gala. Bring your far out dance moves and your platform shoes, there is a $2,800 coin at stake for the best costume.

Please make note of the following important dates on your calendar:

Distribution of division appointments: Monday, May 13st – Friday, May 17th
Emerald City & Diving: Saturday, May 11th – Friday, May 17th
Nightly social events: Tuesday, May 14th – Saturday, May 18th


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